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Natural Wool Carpets

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Wool Twist Ranges

£20 per sq M

Natural, versatile and ideal for all around the home. Our Wool Twist carpets come in heather, flecked or plain shades and in a variety of pile weights to suit your needs. Currently popular is the recently re-coloured Natural Berber Twist available in two qualities.

Wool Loop Ranges

£30 per sq M

Naturally textured and resilient with a quality feel. Our Wool Loop collection is made up of a variety of different ranges all with their individual style, such as our striped ranges Avebury & Boucle Neutrals and our Malabar range which has the look of natural seagrass.

Easy Living

£20 per sq M

Easy Living ranges are manufactured to give you a carpet that will be easy to maintain for many years to come. All carpets come with a Lifetime Stain Warranty and are so tough, they can be cleaned with a mild bleach solution.


£40 per sq M

For the ultimate in softness, choose Allure. What’s amazing about this collection is that the carpets are so soft yet at the same time really hard-wearing. That’s because they are made using a special Polyamide fibre that has been developed specifically for this type of luxurious carpet

iLove Collection

£20 per sq M

Fall in love with the super-soft iLove collection. iLove is made from innovative iSense yarn, which is super-strong as well as gorgeously soft.